History of the Father of Hawaiian Kings

In compliance with the wishes of a great many who are still unacquainted with the history of that famous chieftain known in his time and during the reign of King Kaleiopuu his half-brother, over the Island of Hawaii, as Keoua-nui, or Kalanikupuapaikalani-nui-Keoua, I shall here with endeavor to give a meager narration of incidents in the life of that personage, together with brief memoirs of the illustrious Kamehameha dynasty, also of collateral branches of the Keoua line. It will be a record of some leading events and important sayings in the lives of those great Hawaiians of the periods immediately preceding and following the advent of foreigners into these beautiful isles of the North Pacific. These annals have been handed down from generation to generation by members of our family, as well as by genealogists and retainers, whose duty It was to preserve the history, meles and tabus of their aliis (chiefs). Modern genealogists of our own time such as Kamakau, Unauna, Fornander and others became apt scholars of the traditions and knowledge transmitted to them.

E. K. P.
Honolulu, January 22, 1920

Source: History of Keoua Kalanikupuapa-i-kalani-nui, Father of Hawaii Kings, and His Descendants, with Notes on Kamehameha I, First King of All Hawaii. By Elizabeth Kekaaniauokalani Kalaninuiohilaukapu Pratt, Great-great-granddaughter of Keoua, Honolulu, T. H., 1920.

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