Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Recipients Born in Hawaii

Medal of Honor Recipients born in Hawaii

NameBranchBirth PlaceMedal Accredited to:
Hajiro, Barney F.ArmyPunene, Maui, HIHonolulu, HI
Hasemoto, MikioArmyHonolulu, HISchofield Barracks, HI
Hayashi, ShizuyaArmyWaiakea, Oahu, HISchofield Barracks, HI
Inouye, Daniel K.ArmyHonolulu, HIHonolulu, HI
Kobashigawa, YeikiArmyHilo, HIHonolulu, HI
Kuroda, RobertArmyAiea, Oahu, HIHonolulu, HI
Moto, KaoruArmySpreckelsville, Maui, HISpreckelsville, Maui, HI
Nakae, MasatoArmyLihue, Kauiai, HIHonolulu, HI
Nakamine, ShinyeiArmyWaianae, Oahu, HIHonolulu, HI
Ohata, Allan M.ArmyHonolulu, HIHonolulu, HI
Okutsu, YukioArmyKoloa, Kauai, HIKoloa, Kauai, HI
Wai, Francis B.ArmyHonolulu, HIHonolulu, HI

Korean War

NameBranchBirth PlaceMedal Accredited to:
Mendonca, Leroy A.ArmyHonolulu, HIHonolulu, HI
Pililaau, Herbert KArmyWaianae, HIOahu, HI

Viet Nam

NameBranchBirth PlaceMedal Accredited to:
Kawamura, Terry TeruoArmyWahiawa, HIOahu, HI
Smith, Elmelindo RodriquesArmyHonolulu, HIHonolulu, HI
Yano, Rodney James TadashiArmyKealakekua Kona, HIHonolulu, HI
Smith, JamesNavyHawaiiNew York, NY
Versace, Humbert RoqueArmyHonoluluNorfolk, VA

We wish to thank Charles for all the work he does for others gathering and submitting information of value. Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, data compiled and donated by C. W. Barnum, 2010

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