Kalani Kupuapai-Kalaninui as Progenitor

Thus we see Keoua Kalani Kupuapai-Kalaninui as the progenitor not only of the Keoua line but likewise of the Kamehamehas. Gideon Kailipalaki Laa-nui by his wife Kamaikaopa left an only child, a daughter, Teresa Owana Kaohelelani, who, by her late husband’s, A. J. Cartwright, Junior, and the Hon. Robert W. Wilcox, has a family of children and grandchildren, forming the junior branch of the Keoua family, now living. They, with the writer of these memoirs as the only sole representative of the senior line, comprise the only descendants of the grand and famous chieftain, whose history we are about to […]

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