Kealiimaikai Took to Wife the High Chiefess Kalikookalani

Kealiimaikai took to wife the high chiefess Kalikookalani of the Kalaninuiamamao line. They had an only daughter whom they named Kaoanaeha, described by old historians as strikingly handsome. Just about this time there arrived at the port of Kailua, Hawaii, two of England’s sons, pioneers, who had come to cast their lot among the aborigines …

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Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalani-Nui

Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalani-Nui, styled Keoua-nui, was the son of Keeaumoku-nui, second son of Keaweikekahialiiokamoku, King of Hawaii, by his second wife, Princess Kalanikauleleieiwi, granddaughter of Iwikauikaua (whose celebrated kapu was the torchlight burnt at mid-day) and daughter of the high chiefess Keakea-lani-wahine. Keoua’s mother was Kamakaimoku, of the renowned family of chiefs of Kau, the I’s. …

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Keoua’s Wives

On the arrival of Keoua he found his cousin had grown up to be a most agreeable and fascinating woman, and soon the pair had an understanding that not a long courtship would be necessary. Kekuiapoiwa was well pleased with her cousin’s looks and manners. As compared with all previous hoaos this one excelled in …

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Liliha and Kiwalao

Liliha and Kiwalao had only one child, a daughter, who was named Keopuolani, who became one of Kamehameha’s consorts, the third in the line avowed by the aliis and people alike. His first queen was Kaahumanu, daughter of the great warrior, Keeaumoku Nohonaapeape, and grand-daughter of Kekaulike, king of Maui and adjacent islands of Molokai, …

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Queen Kaahumanu brings up Twins of Frenchman Jasson Rives

In Queen Kaahumanu’s court there were two little girls whom she had taken to bring up, twins, daughters of the pioneer Frenchman, Mons. Jasson Rives (whose Hawaiian name designated by Queen Kaahumanu was Luahine), who had landed on these shores and become the Aikane-Punahele of Prince Liholiho, the heir apparent to the throne. He had …

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Kamehameha II

Returning to the Kamehameha line, we come next to Kinau, second daughter of the old sovereign by Kaheiheimalie, who became princess regent of the islands. She married first her cousin, Kahalaia, and had one son, but unfortunately both father and son died young. As it was important that in the position she held, that of …

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The fourth of the line of Keoua’s wives was Kamakaehikuli. She bore him a son named Kaleimamahu, who married Kaheiheimalie and had a daughter named Kekauluohi, mother of King Lunalilo. No sooner than news of the death of Kamehameha V. had reached all parts of the islands William Lunalilo was acclaimed as the choice of …

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