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Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalani-Nui

Keoua Kalanikupuapaikalani-Nui, styled Keoua-nui, was the son of Keeaumoku-nui, second son of Keaweikekahialiiokamoku, King of Hawaii, by his second wife, Princess Kalanikauleleieiwi, granddaughter of Iwikauikaua (whose...

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Keoua’s Wives

On the arrival of Keoua he found his cousin had grown up to be a most agreeable and fascinating...

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Kamehameha II

Returning to the Kamehameha line, we come next to Kinau, second daughter of the old sovereign by...

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The fourth of the line of Keoua’s wives was Kamakaehikuli. She bore him a son named Kaleimamahu, who married Kaheiheimalie and had a daughter named Kekauluohi, mother of King Lunalilo. No sooner than news of the death of...

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