Hawaii Immigration

Hawaii Chinese Exclusion Index
This is an index to over 16,600 “Chinese Exclusion” case files among the immigration investigation files created by the Honolulu District Office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, ca. 1903-1944. Most of the case files document the arrival into Hawaii from the U.S. mainland or foreign ports of Chinese aliens and the reentry of U.S. citizens of Chinese ancestry under the Chinese Exclusion Acts passed by Congress between 1882 and 1930, and repealed in 1943. There are also some case files relating to the arrival and departure of non-Chinese Asian immigrants and other foreign-born individuals. The index includes only names of individuals and case numbers. The case files are available from the Pacific Region (San Francisco) of the National Archives and Records Administration, 1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno, California 94066-2350, phone: (650) 876-9001, fax: (650) 876-0920, email:archives@sanbruno.nara.gov. Most case files include correspondence, lists of related cases, transcripts of interrogations, and witness statements. Some files include birth certificates, coaching documents, family history forms, and marriage licenses, and photographs of individuals and families.  (Requires Ancestry.com Membership) Get 14 Days Free Access!!!

Immigration and Naturalization Records from National Archives

Naturalization of Members of the US Armed Forces During World War I
A historical article from the INS about the reduced or waived requirements for US citizenship during WWI.

Changing Immigrant Names
A historical article from the INS about immigrants changing their names or taking assumed names upon entering the United States.

United States Migration

First Settler’s
Tracing Your American Immigrant Ancestor: AHGP’s project ran by Susan Dorris, which is attempting to bridge the gap of our American ancestor’s and their relatives over the “pond.”

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